About Us

When asked about the Chatt Taste origin story, what’s typically expected is an epiphany of poetic proportions, but truly the start was: simple and genuine. I’m the daughter of a veteran. My family has lived on 3 different continents, 5 domestic states; and they have all been unique. The first order of business after a move was to find out where the locals eat. That’s where you find the community. That’s what we’ve created in Chatt Taste Food Tours: a fast track to community, then COVID hit. 

Food Tours are one way to showcase the culinary brilliance of Chattanooga, but what about customers with compromised immune systems? Customers that want to support their local economy, customers that understand the importance of keeping Chattanooga dollars within the city, but are comfortable with the restaurant setting.... for you we created a Taste of Chattanooga Box. A food tour experience delivered directly to your door.

The Taste of Chattanooga Box is a collection of amazing local food artisans from Chattanooga, TN. 5-8 Local businesses. One box. The Taste of Chattanooga Box makes supporting local businesses easy. Enjoy these full and sample sized local treats from the safety of your home or gift to a family member to say “I’m thinking about you”. Embrace products you know and love while being introduced to products made in our home town. Each sale directly benefits the local businesses included.